‘A clever and enchanting fable of self-discovery’

Here’s a fantastic review of The Hurtle of Hell in The Lady.

‘Part philosophical quest, part redemptive religious exploration, this is an original and witty look at religion and society seen through the eyes of Stefano, a hapless and confused young man from Hackney.

‘Following a near-death experience during which he is convinced he has seen God, Stefano is left questioning his own mortality. God is also confused and comes down to earth to find out more about his strange ‘hominid’ creations, inhabing the body of an unsuspecting London tour operator. God is aghast at how complicated life on earth is.

‘A philosophy graduate from Cambridge University, the author describes his work as exposing ‘religion to the rigours of rationalism in a light-hearted way’. The result is a clever and enchanting fable of self-discovery.’

Elizabeth Fitzherbert

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