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Daily Express, 19 May 2017


Well versed in the art of getting merry

‘The novel seesaws between comedy and calamity, present and past. It pokes fun at pretension but also gives an insight into why a Catholic poet such as Hopkins deserves his claim to greatness. The result is a novel enjoyable on every level’

Spectator, 1 July 2017


The latest first novels

‘A pleasurable literary thriller... Edge wears his Hopkins learning lightly, sprinkling the book with snippets while avoiding didacticism or handholding... it’s a merry page-turner’

Attitude, May 2017




‘A funny, genre-fusing page-turner... written with verve and poise’

The Bookbag, 31 May 2017

***** review of The Hopkins Conundrum

‘All [three narratives] flow wonderfully well together, creating an overall story that’s immensely readable and superbly crafted, allowing the reader to embark on fascinating journeys with these characters and exploring a wide range of emotions throughout. It’s an immensely impressive debut’

Foreword Reviews, 1 October 2017

Starred review: humour fiction


‘A tragicomedy that slips through time and space circling various characters whose lives are loosely unified by Gerard Manley Hopkins’ The Wreck of the Deutschland, The Hopkins Conundrum is sprinkled with unique history, sharp observation, and the absurdity of the ordinary’

Gscene, 19 July 2017


BOOK REVIEW: The Hopkins Conundrum

‘A lovely story of poems, nuns, persecution, the Welsh countryside and romantic intrigue. It’s a delicious read... One of those odd books which deliver more than you’d expect’

Buzz Magazine, 22 June 2017


Book review: The Hopkins Conundrum

‘Aside from the light-hearted satire, the story allows a deep appreciation for Hopkins... The novel is fast paced and the alternating narratives which incorporate both fact and fiction, allow for an interesting, as well as imaginative, study...’

Press and Journal, 12 June 2017


Book review: The Hopkins Conundrum ****

‘A witty satire... By turns gripping and laugh-out-loud funny...’

RTE Arena, 22 May 2017

Darryl Jones reviews The Hopkins Conundrum

‘A novel that takes poetic theory very seriously, but with a very light touch… If you want something you’ll enjoy on a beach which won’t stretch you too much but won’t insult your intelligence, this might be it’

The Herald, 1 June 2017

Bookcase: review of The Hopkins Conundrum

‘Simon Edge’s debut novel has in its sights the Vatican conspiracy thriller – a genre of religious orders, secret missions and coded messages that has proved so successful for the likes of Dan Brown... This is a great read for anyone who has reached the end of a Vatican thriller with an eyebrow raised’

WI Life, July–August 2017

Book Club


‘This is a hugely entertaining book that beautifully captures the characters’ individual voices and characters. And if Hopkins leaves you cold, Edge’s excoriating analysis is an utter delight’

The HyperTexts, 20 September 2017

Diversions in the pen


The Hopkins Conundrum is a mix of historical and modern romance with a refreshing added dose of irreverence toward authors who play to people's credulities for profit. It has received nothing but favorable notice so my own is just one tiny extra feather in a cap already fully fledged’

The Hopkins Conundrum is published by Lightning Books

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