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London Live, 5 August 2019

New satirical novel follows portrait artist rivalry

Mixing history with the modern day, author Simon Edge's new satirical novel follows the fortunes of portrait artist, Thomas Gainsborough, and his rivalry with Sir Joshua Reynolds

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NB magazine, 5 July 2019

A Right Royal Face-Off by Simon Edge

‘The way in which the eighteenth century is rendered in this novel is witty, observant and joyously gossipy. The characterisations are sharp and Simon Edge has the painter’s eye for detail. It is paced beautifully and nothing is wasted’

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Buzz Magazine, 5 July 2019

A Right Royal Face-Off: Book Review

‘The more of Simon Edge you read, the more you realise that every element of his stories is hand-selected and glued to the bigger picture – it’s whimsical, farce-like... scrapbooky, in the best possible way’


Daily Express, 15 July 2019

Past Master

Thomas Gainsborough was a celebrity artist but his star waned. Now the great British painter is in vogue again

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All Things Georgian, 15 July 2019

A Right Royal Face-Off by Simon Edge

Simon Edge explains the particular demands of researching a novel set in the 18th century


BBC Radio Suffolk, 22 July 2019

Lesley Dolphin: All About Suffolk

‘It hooked me straight in from the beginning. It’s brilliant. I think you’ll enjoy this if you’re looking for a summer read’

(from 1hr 22mins)

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Saga Magazine, August 2019

Frailty, thy name is human

‘The rivalry between Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds is at the heart of this larky novel’

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Never Imitate, 24 July 2019

Book Review: A Right Royal Face-Off

‘An entertaining social history replete with candid observations and witticisms... A deft and exuberant satire that is pointed whilst avoiding cruelty’

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Bury & West Suffolk magazine, August 2019

Tales of Thomas

Long Melford-based author Simon Edge has woven Thomas Gainsborough into a comedy of painting rivalry. Sudbury’s favourite son had a sense of humour, he says


BBC Radio London, 2 August 2019

Robert Elms

Simon Edge speaks about his new historical comedy book

(from 1hr 36mins)

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