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The Hurtle of Hell

‘Simon Edge has given us a creator for our times; hilariously at the mercy of forces beyond even his control’

Tony Peake

‘Funny, perceptive, insightful’

Abi Silver

‘A sparkling mixture of domestic and celestial comedy. A conflicted gay man meets his bungling creator in an ingenious take on
It’s A Wonderful Life’

Michael Arditti

‘Part philosophical quest, part redemptive religious exploration, an original and witty look at religion and society. A clever and enchanting fable of self-discovery’

The Lady

‘An interesting and funny theological


‘Wonderful… frequently hilarious… this thought-provoking exploration of homosexuality, atheism and God with a telescope is a delight’

Nudge Book *****

‘A stimulating, entertaining story of self-exploration and redemption, as well as a recognition of the way religion deals with homosexuality in modern society’

Buzz Magazine

‘A warm-hearted narrative of redemption that’s never judgmental but is inclusive, funny and undoubtedly heretical. Read it or burn it’


‘Bold, witty...tackles a difficult topic in a subtle, unusual way. You certainly won’t read another novel like it this year’


‘Very funny as well as very entertaining...
the comedy shines through because of the characters’

Breathing Through Pages

‘Amusing and sobering to reflect on. An entertaining addition to my summer list’

Never Imitate

When gay, pleasure-seeking Stefano Cartwright is almost killed by a wave on a holiday beach, his journey up a tunnel of light convinces him that God exists after all, and he may need to change his ways if he is not to end up in hell.


When God happens to look down his celestial telescope and see Stefano, he is obliged to pay unprecedented attention to an obscure planet in a distant galaxy, and ends up on the greatest adventure of his multi-eon existence.


The Hurtle of Hell combines a tender, human story of rejection and reconnection with an utterly original and often very funny theological thought-experiment, in an entrancing fable that is both mischievous and big-hearted.

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