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The Guardian, 8 June 2017

Gerard Manley Hopkins: the poet priest who deserves a place in the gay canon

Wrestling with his desires while committed to Jesuit celibacy left poetry as the only outlet for Hopkins’s sexuality, which rings with pent-up passion, writes Simon Edge

BBC Radio Wales, 24 May 2017

Arts Show with Nicola Heywood Thomas

‘I have learned an awful lot from your book and enjoyed it as well. It is certainly not a textbook, it is a riotous read’

Northamptonshire Telegraph, 14 September 2017

Finedon’s ‘forgotten’ genius


New book sheds slight on ‘wildly unconventional’ son of the lord of the manor of Finedon whose early death robbed English literature of a great poet.

Irish Times, 22 May 2017

Gerard Manley Hopkins’ UCD misery was literature’s gain

The unhappy soul who would be recognised as a literary visionary only after his death arrived at University College Dublin in 1885, inspiring the poetic equivalent of Munch’s The Scream

BBC Radio 4, 21 May 2017


Sunday programme


Gerard Manley Hopkins is the inspiration for a new novel,

The Hopkins Conundrum. Simon Edge tells Edward Stourton how his attitude towards organised religion changed as his personal life became intertwined with themes in the book.

BookBrunch, 22 May 2017

Lightning: a new deal for authors

Simon Edge reports on an authors experience of a new model for publishing

Attitude, 18 May 2017


Victorian gay men and the lure of Rome

For men who found themselves attracted to their own sex, being drawn to the Catholic church in the 1860s was like listening to Jimmy Somerville in the 1980s, writes Simon Edge

Daily Express, 8 May 2017


The Wreck of the Deutschland

Writer Simon Edge describes the tragic 19th-century shipwreck which was the inspiration for his latest novel The Hopkins Conundrum

Winq, Summer 2017


A mass-going atheist

Novelist Simon Edge fell in love with an ex-priest who was then diagnosed with terminal cancer. Himself a non-believer, he reflects on the uplifting role that religion played in their tragic story.

BBC Radio Scotland, 29 May 2017

The Janice Forsyth Show

Author Simon Edge discusses his debut novel The Hopkins Conundrum which is based on the Victorian poet Gerard Manley Hopkins and his famous poem The Wreck of the Deutschland.

The Mercury, 16 August 2017

Simon gives an edge to his tragic comedy


A Greenwich writer is to give a reading and talk about his novel inspired by a shipping tragedy and a famous poem.

The Bookseller, 3 February 2017


New Titles: Literary Fiction

The bookselling trade bible highlights The Hopkins Conundrum as an upcoming title for May

The Hopkins Conundrum is published by Lightning Books

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