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The Critic, 28 July 2021

Quackery via cartography

You better believe the earth is flat. Helen Dale reviews Simon Edge’s novel

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The Times, 2 October 2021

Our pick of the latest fiction

‘Simon Edge — a voice of sanity in the Twitter hellscape — wears his anger remarkably lightly as he skewers the shocking state of the trans rights row with some nifty, often snort-inducingly funny satire’


Saga Magazine, September 2021

The guys have it

‘This witty author mixes history with a hilarious spoof of identity politics, virtue signalling, cancel culture and Twitter pile-ons’


The Times, 1 January 2022

The battle between good and evil is fantasy

Simon Edge’s The End of the World is Flat is more than playful: it’s a satire of Swiftian ferocity, writes Matthew Parris


Lesbian and Gay News, 9 August 2021

Jo Bartosch talks to Simon Edge about his new novel

‘It’s just bizarre that Stonewall today are complicit in saying that there is something bad about same-sex attraction’

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Lesbian and Gay News, 5 August 2021

The End of the World is Flat reviewed by Jo Bartosch

‘That Edge has sought to satirise woke group think through a novel feels significant; fictionalising the trans war on reality is a way of reifying it in the public imagination’

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Tortoise, 18 August 2021

Flat-earth beliefs are not so far from today’s fashionable pseudoscience

It takes a satirist to understand how the pressures of social media and the ideological capture of education institutions are driving conspiracy theories into the mainstream

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The Critic, 31 November 2021

Is defeating Stonewall the end of the story?

The failure of Stonewall’s “no debate” strategy has given many a Wizard of Oz moment, writes Simon Edge


Quillette, 31 August 2021

Podcast #163

Satirist Simon Edge on his new novel, The End of the World Is Flat, a send-up of radical gender politics

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Savage Minds, 21 July 2021

Savage Minds

Former journalist and writer Simon Edge discusses the socio-political situation that inspired his latest satirical novel, The End of the World is Flat

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Talk Radio TV, 29 July 2021

The Mike Graham Show

Novelist and critic Helen Dale champions The End of the World is Flat 

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Yorkshire Times, 17 November 2021

Review: The End Of The World Is Flat

For those familiar with the work of Simon Edge, his recent novel is not going to disappoint. It brings us a refreshingly pointed reflection on the zeitgeist: a light-hearted lampoon, underpinned with a wit and intelligence that gives resonance to the satire


Books and Me, 1 September 2021

Review: The End Of The World Is Flat

A fabulously crafted piece of work, so biting and pertinent and thoroughly entertaining from the first page to last. The humour is pitch perfect. This is a masterclass showing how shallow the online world can be

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