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The Wreck of the Deutschland: a new recording

When I appeared on Edward Stourton's Sunday programme on BBC Radio 4, I was asked to read the first stanza of The Wreck. After the broadcast, a listener got in touch via this website to suggest I record the whole thing.

I have been immersed in the life and work of Gerard Manley Hopkins for the best part of a decade, and since I am working with a publisher who is keen to make videos, I was happy to rise to the challenge.

The modern part of The Hopkins Conundrum is a comedy which pokes fun at a certain recent publishing phenomenon, but the elements about Hopkins are based on deep affection and respect. One of my aims was to celebrate his work and make it more accessible to people who may be daunted by it. I hope that making this recording is another way of doing that.

It is also designed to mark next year's centenary of the first publication of the poem. I hope you like it.

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