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‘Completely absurd yet painfully accurate. Brilliantly parodies
a fiasco that already seems beyond parody’

Victoria Smith, author of Hags

‘Brilliant! Totally gripping, perfectly capturing
both the absurdity and horror of this madness’

Gareth Roberts, author of Gay Shame

‍’Hilarious, horrifying and deliciously perverse. Captures
the modern world and shines a bright light at its imperfections’

Christina Dalcher, author of Vox

‘Simon Edge is Britain’s leading exponent of Horatian satire.
Yes, he likes his characters, but also sees through them – and us,
his readers – with pellucid insight’

Helen Dale

‘The world is not beyond satire. I know this thanks to Simon Edge’

Jonathan Kay, Quillette

The Hopkins Conundrum, a novel about Gerard Manley Hopkins by Simon Edge
The Hurtle of Hell, an atheist comedy by Simon Edge
A Righ Royal Face-Off, a novel about Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds
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