The Hopkins Conundrum, a novel about Gerard Manley Hopkins by Simon Edge
The Hurtle of Hell, an atheist comedy by Simon Edge
A Righ Royal Face-Off, a novel about Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds
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‘I laughed so hard I nearly fell in my cauldron. A masterpiece’

Julie Bindel

‘A bracingly sharp satire on the sleep of reason and
the tyranny of twaddle’

Francis Wheen

‘Animal Farm for the era of gender lunacy, with jokes’

Jane Harris, author of Sugar Money

‘Skewers the insanity of gender ideology with the wit and brilliance of a modern-day Swift’

Helen Joyce, author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

‍’This merry romp punctures the idiocy that would turn
language and good sense upside down and divide us all
into true believers or bigots’

Simon Fanshawe

‘Very, very funny – and a completely believable account of how this kind of ideology could seep into great institutions’‍

Gillian Philip